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President's Message

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SAMSUNG Institute of Safety & Environment President Seok Jeong Yoon

Welcome to our website!

SAMSUNG established Samsung Global Environment Research Center in 1993 following the announcement of SAMSUNG Environmental Policy in 1992, and declared SAMSUNG Green Management, encapsulating its firm commitment to creating a prosperous world for the humanity and preserving the global environment by engaging in corporate activities that respect human and nature, in 1996, when not even a concrete concept of green management was adopted in Korea.

SAMSUNG Green Management has been built on the five pillars - greening of management, greening of product, greening of process, greening of workplace and greening of community. This concept was also clearly defined as 'care for the environment, safety and health' in SAMSUNG Philosophy and Business Principles promulgated in 2005.

Based upon our Green Management history, we announced Green Management Vision 2020 in January 2011 in preparation for the next decade. It contains the following objectives:

SAMSUNG Institute of Safety & Environment aims to sharpen SAMSUNG's competitive edge with our green management. We will also contribute to developing relevant policies at home and abroad and helping draw a constructive and positive consensus from the industries and public. In this respect, we ask for your continued interest and support in the future.

Thank you.

Seok Jeong Yoon President SAMSUNG Institute of Safety & Environment