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Green Management

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Vision 2020

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Based upon our Green management history, We announced Green management Vision 2020 in January 2011 in preparation for the next decade. It contains the following objectives: first, to preserve resources and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission; second, to lead the global green management standards and markets; and third, to prevent environment & safety incident and ensure business continuity.

We strive to become a Global Top in Green Management, on the basis of the two values - 'pursuing sustainable growth' and 'practicing social responsibility' - in the realm of the above three objectives.

Characteristics of Samsung Green Management

  • Business philosophy of top management
  • Mid-to-long-term strategy to be proactive in response to global regulations
  • Distinctive corporate culture that emphasizes accident prevention relating to safety, health, fire as well as the environment
  • Business principles combining CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability
  • Performance-oriented close-to-site activities designed for better product, technology and service
  • Future vision to lead green growth

History of SAMSUNG Green Management

  • SAMSUNG Environmental Policy (Jun 1992)
    • Declare compliance with enviromental regulations and in-house treament of pollutants
    • Demonstrate voluntary willingness to prevent enviromental pollutants
  • SAMSUNG Green Management Charter (May 1996)
    • Engage in corporate activies that respect human and nature
    • Ensure prosperouse life for humanity and preserve the global environment
    • Implement green management corporate-wide
  • SAMSUNG Business Principles (Jun 2005)
    • Incorporated care for the environment, safety and health in SAMSUNG value system and business principle
  • SAMSUNG Green Management Vision 2020 (Jan 2011)
    • Preserve resources and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission
    • Lead the global green management standards and markets
    • Prevent environment&safety incident and ensure business continuity